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Wildflowers coming soon…

In the coming months patches of wildflowers will be appearing across the whole Parish. With support from Buckinghamshire Council, over 25 sites will bloom with bright coloured wildflower which will specifically attract wildlife including Bees. The patches will have signs around them stating ‘Coming soon… Wildflowers’ – watch out for them while you are out and about.

The project has commenced with the areas being sprayed off with non-hazardous herbicide. The next stage is to rotavate the area which will be happening during week commencing 11th April followed by wildflower seed scattered in the designated areas.

Mother Nature takes her course and early summer the areas will bloom with a colourful mixture of flowers. The seed mix used is called Patriotic and combines vibrant shades of red, white, and blue shades brought together to provide a striking meadow design. You will see waves of colour and a high visual impact.

We hope you enjoy seeing the wildflowers grow and bloom over the next few months.