Who does what?

The Ivers Parish Council cover the areas of Iver Village, Iver Heath, Thorney and Richings Park; which have a combined population of over 12,000, making it one of the larger parishes in the southern part of Buckinghamshire.

The Ivers Parish Council

The Ivers Parish Council

  • Providing information about events in The Ivers via Facebook, Website Events and Noticeboards
  • Street lighting on smaller residential roads
  • Reviewing planning applications and sending comments to Bucks Council/South Bucks Area planning officers
  • Open Spaces (looking after the wellbeing of the open grass areas and the woodlands) and Play Areas including the provision and maintenance of play equipment.
  • Grass cutting on residential amenity areas (open spaces)





What the Ivers Parish Council doesn't do

Thames Valley Police is responsible for:

  •  Obstructive and dangerous parking

Private Landowners are responsible for: 

  • Trees on private land
  • Illegal signs on private property boundary walls

Utility Companies are responsible for:

  • Damaged Utility covers
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks

Individual Developers are responsible for:

  • Issues with development sites
  • Un-adopted roads (roads not owned and maintained by TfB)

Buckinghamshire Council Transport Department is responsible for: