Who does what?

The Ivers Parish Council cover the areas of Iver Village, Iver Heath, Thorney and Richings Park; which have a combined population of over 12,000, making it one of the larger parishes in the southern part of Buckinghamshire.


Buckinghamshire Council (based in Aylesbury) including Transport for Bucks (TfB) (established on 1st April 2020), which has replaced the old Bucks County Council and the District Councils (South Bucks District Council).

The Ivers Parish Council

The Ivers Parish Council

  • Providing information about events in The Ivers via Facebook, Website Events and Noticeboards
  • Street lighting on smaller residential roads
  • Reviewing planning applications and sending comments to Bucks Council/South Bucks Area planning officers
  • Open Spaces (looking after the wellbeing of the open grass areas and the woodlands) and Play Areas including the provision and maintenance of play equipment.
  • Grass cutting on residential amenity areas





What the Ivers Parish Council doesn't do

Thames Valley Police is responsible for:

  •  Obstructive and dangerous parking

Private Landowners are responsible for: 

  • Trees on private land
  • Illegal signs on private property boundary walls

Utility Companies are responsible for:

  • Damaged Utility covers
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks

Individual Developers are responsible for:

  • Issues with development sites
  • Un-adopted roads (roads not owned and maintained by TfB)

Buckinghamshire Council Transport Department is responsible for:

  • Public Transport (buses, trains) – find more information by clicking here