Questions asked and analysis

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Questions and responses related to housing and mixed use development

Question 8 – Would you support planning policies to require new residential development to provide green spaces free from car parking?

Question 10 – Do you support the greater use and enforcement of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and planning conditions to ensure appropriate tree planting and aftercare on new developments?

Question 18 – Where do you think new housing in The Ivers should be located, and why?

Question 19 – Are there parts of The Ivers where new housing should NOT be sited? If so, where and why?

Question 20 – Do you think some of the brownfield (previously developed) sites in The Ivers should be considered for residential or mixed use redevelopment in preference to building housing on greenfield land?

Question 21 – Please comment on any particular concerns you may have about housing in The Ivers or preferences you have about the type of new housing that should be provided and where it should be located.

Question 24 – How do you think parking should be provided in new housing developments?

Question 25 – In consultations on its emerging local plan, Slough Borough Council is considering asking South Bucks District Council to agree to land within Iver Parish (just to the west of Richings Park) to be allocated for housing as part of a new ‘garden suburb’ extension of Slough. The land in question is within the Green Belt and also part of the Colne Valley Park. Please comment on this proposal, whether or not you consider it acceptable and, if so, what conditions or constraints should apply? If you consider this unacceptable, please say why?