We’d like to alert our residents that Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) has been found in oak trees in The Ivers area. Residents are are encouraged to check their own trees and to be alert for Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars when you are out and about in the Ivers. The caterpillars are mainly present on Oaks but can also colonise other tree species.


What is OPM?

Oak processionary moths (OPM) are a species whose caterpillars cause significant damage to oak trees by consuming their foliage and contact with the caterpillars or their hairs can also pose a public health risk to both people and animals.

The caterpillars move in nose-to-tail processions along the main stems and branches of oak trees or on the ground and often cluster together. They build white, silken webbing trails and nests that usually look like a dome or teardrop-shaped on tree trunks and branches rather than amongst the leaves.

Important: if you spot any do not touch them

Any sightings of OPM should be reported to the Forestry Commission via the Tree Alert online form. Alternatively, people can email opm@forestrycommission.gov.uk or call 0300 067 4442. Take a photo if possible, make a note of the location (use what3words if you can) and report.

The Forestry Commission has produced both a short leaflet (hard copies available from the Ivers Parish Council Office) and an in depth “OPM Manual”.

More information can be found on the GOV website at ‘ Managing oak processionary moth in England’