The Parish Council has, for some time, been exploring the potential replacement of the path around Iver Recreation Ground. We have funding support in place from a generous grant from Grundon Waste Management (Grundon) and are progressing the planning phase towards the first phase of replacement. Due to the cost, we will be completing this project in a couple of phases with our priority being the stretch from the entrance gate down towards the baseball court and the cycle mound at the end of the recreation ground passing the entrance to the Allotments site. This section of the path is showing significant signs of wear and tear.

In this first phase we are aiming to complete around 150 metres of path with a new surface path with wooden shuttering that will stop the grass encroaching on the pathway. We anticipate starting the project over the next three months for completion in time for the autumn months.

We will also undertake some much needed maintenance on the area of the recreation ground and beyond that causes flooding in the winter and after heavy rain.

 We are committed to complete the rest of the path as soon as we can and we will keep residents and users updated on progress as we continue this exciting project to improve the environment at the recreation ground making the path accessible to everyone.