As part of the ongoing development of the Council two new committees have been set up to manage all open spaces, highways, facilities and events activities across the Parish working with our residents to deliver benefits for the whole community.

The Open Spaces and Highways Committee, meeting bi-monthly, will have a strategic focus to improve the facilities we offer to our residents and visitors alongside managing defects, improvements and refurbishments across all our open spaces and assets such as noticeboards, benches and other street furniture we own across the Parish. The strategic focus will be on producing long term plans for all areas including the recreation grounds, allotment sites and nature reserves. This includes improving accessibility and expansion of the use of open spaces for recreation and other leisure pursuits and improved management of open spaces for recreation, leisure and habitat protection.  As part of this development the Council already has exciting plans to re-develop the existing perimeter path at the Iver Recreation Ground with support from third party funding. This will remove the current drainage issues particularly at the bottom of the path and give an all-weather surface suitable for walkers, runners and cyclists alike. We are planning to do this during Spring and early Summer so as Covid-19 restrictions relax and people continue to exercise for their health and wellbeing this facility will become a popular destination for residents of our Parish and beyond.

The Facilities and Events Committee, again meeting bi-monthly, will have the same focus covering fenced play areas, property owned by the Parish Council as well as managing events for our residents. This will be particularly important as Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed during 2021.

Both new committees met for the first time in January 2021 and it was resolved at those meetings to have a strategic working group for each area of responsibility to identify longer term strategic plans and making recommendations to the committees.

Councillor Wendy Matthews, Chairman of the Council commented ‘Working this way means we can work faster and smarter to deliver day to day improvements, remedial works as well as facilities and events for our residents alongside the long term projects that will improve our local environment for everyone.’

Minutes of the new committees will be available via the Council website alongside agendas for future meetings and all the relevant papers for meetings for residents to view.