Be a part of this year’s Great British Spring Clean!

A few safety tips for those joining the Iver litter pick on the 1st of April 2023

  • Only litter pick where you feel safe and comfortable to do so. Always litter pick in daylight, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear, including a hi vis vest if possible.
  • Do not litter pick along roads with a speed limit of more than 30mph, highways, highway verges, or any roads where there is no pavement or footpath. Avoid litter picking on steep slopes, cliff edges or in water courses.
  • We have seen a rise in the numbers of nitrous oxide canisters found on our streets, especially during litter picks. Do not dispose of these within your general or mixed recycling waste. Leave these where they are or place into a separate bag at the end of your property and request a removal on FixMyStreet.
  • When carrying out your litter pick, if you come across fly tipping, do not collect or move the waste. Report the fly tipping online, this will allow us to investigate and arrange for the appropriate organisation to remove the waste.
  • View the Keep Britain Tidy guidance to read more about keeping safe before carrying out any litter picking activity.

Together we can make a difference and clean up the environment on our doorstep.

Thank you!