The Parish Council response to Bucks Council about the Ivers Relief Road

The Parish Council was asked by Bucks Council to provide a position with regards to the Ivers Relief Road.  The below has been sent to the planning department:

“The Ivers Parish Council is concerned about the impact on the community of poor air quality and the impacts this has on the health of our community.  The Ivers Parish was declared an Air Quality Monitoring Area in 2018.  We also note an increasing number of HGVs and other traffic passing through all our villages.

 “The Ivers Parish Council has also been informed that the pre pandemic assessment of the cost of a potential relief road route for The Ivers was circa £140 million and that this level of funding was unachievable even if all proposed major developments went ahead with contributory funding secured.

 “The Ivers Parish Council does not support the  ‘relief’ of one section of this community to the detriment of another and therefore does not support any ‘part relief road’.  The Ivers Parish Council requests Buckinghamshire Council to not develop these ‘part relief road’ proposals.

 “In summary, The Ivers Parish Council has not been provided with appropriate information that enables us to conclude that The Ivers Relief Road is financially feasible or beneficial to the whole of the community. We have therefore resolved to support traffic mitigation and reduction of HGVs associated with the use of land within the Parish.  This forms the basis of the policies in The Ivers Neighbourhood Plan.