The Parish Council staff were disappointed to find that someone had fly-tipped a significant amount of general garden waste including grass cutting and earth on the grassed area outside the office in Iver High Street. This was discovered on Wednesday 19th April and is not the first occurrence. The Parish Council will be investigating the matter.

This eyesore was promptly removed by staff but nevertheless any dumping of any type of waste like this is considered a fly tip and can result in a fine from the local authority should the perpetrator of the action be prosecuted. Also, taking time to remove fly-tips take time which can be better spent keeping our open spaces tidy and presentable for everyone.

Garden waste is collected from households by arrangement with Buckinghamshire Council. To find out more information on how this works or to arrange a garden waste collection, please sign up here.

You can also dispose of garden waste and other household items at your local household recycling centre for free- find out more information here.