Installation Update – Thursday 14th September 2023

The next phase of the installation will commence on Monday 18th September. There will be disruption again in the car park and to ensure the work is unhindered by vehicles left parked in the spaces and to prevent abandoned vehicles there will be restrictions in the parking spaces involved from mid morning on Friday 15th September. We apologise for any inconvenience but lack of complete free access for our contractors is not only a danger to our contractors, an unnecessary obstacle but will also delay the work which prolongs the delivery of the entire project. We are aiming to complete the project by early October so the chargers can be in use.

Installation Update – Thursday 7th September 2023

The first phase of the installation has been completed in three days despite the hot weather for the contractors to work in and the fortunate arrival of an additional team to get the work completed before the end of the week where it’s getting hotter!. This was the groundwork phase and the new electric supply cupboard has been installed and the ducts to the four charging points dock bases has been channelled out, prepared and re-filled.

The next phase, which is currently due to start on Monday 18th September will be the phase where the electricity supply will be channelled to the area ready for connection to the charging units once they are installed in a later phase. We are still on track for the chargers to be ready for use by early-October as long as there are no delays or unforeseen circumstances. Check back for further updates on the progress the Parish Council are making with this response to the climate emergency.

Bp Charging Points

As part of the measures being taken by the Parish Council as a result of the declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2021, the Council is starting the first phase of installing Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) in Iver Village at the Recreation Ground Car Park. The EVCP will be accessible to all (local residents and visitors to the area) who can make use of them by paying for the energy used to charge a vehicle in various ways (Pay as you go, subscription etc)

The 4 EVCP’s are being installed with funding from the Energy Saving Trust and BP Pulse are project managing the installation on behalf of the Parish Council. BP Pulse are a provider of many charging points and you will have seen similar charging points around when you have been driving both locally and nationally. The Parish Council is pleased to be working with both these organisation to provide these public facilities for all to use.

The first phase of installation will start week commencing Monday 4th September. There will be some disruption in the Recreation Ground Car Park but the contractor will have traffic management processes in place to minimalise disruption and to ensure accessibility to the Recreation Ground itself. It is anticipated that the charging points could be in use by mid-October subject to the contractors involved completing the all the work. The Parish Council will keep everyone updated as the installation continues.

There is a lot more information about EVCP & vehicle charging generally at www.bppulse.co.uk

There’s a handy link to that can be used to locate nearest charging points and access to an App that electric car owners can download in order to track charging points whilst on the move. The website is really informative and worth a look at for general information on charging and charging points.