We are seeing a huge increase in household waste being put into public litter bins on our play areas. We will not tolerate households using public litter bins for household waste.

These litter bins are designed for small items of litter (e.g. sandwich packets, cans, crisps packets). They should not be used for disposing of excess household waste as they don’t have the capacity for this, this then causes the bins fill up more quickly, resulting in more litter being dropped on the floor or rubbish being left beside these bins. This is classed as fly-tipping and may result in fines being issued. If people continue to fill the bins up in this way, they cannot serve the purpose for which they are intended.

These personal household items that are being deposited into the public litters bins, have personal information on them such as name and address. We recommend all residents dispose of information containing personal details (name and address, bank statements etc.) carefully to avoid any identity theft issues.

Households struggling with waste/waste collections can contact Buckinghamshire Council who can provide advice where appropriate, and or give advice on recycling if part of their surplus is recyclable.