Brightening Up The Ivers

As we come out of the Covid restrictions and can hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic finally, The Parish Council continues to work hard to ‘brighten up’ The Ivers.

This year, with the help of The Ivers and Wexham Community Board funding, we have installed over 30 sites with wildflowers. This is the first year we have done this although other local authorities have done this for a number of years which encouraged us to make this happen.

You’ll now start to see wildflowers blooming across the Parish. The seed mix we used this year is called Patriotic and is a vibrant mix of colour.

Many areas have been successful whilst others not so. The Parish Council will be reviewing how this venture has gone and will be considering continuing this for future years. We’ve already received some great feedback on what has bloomed so far.

We’ve had our traditional hanging baskets installed across all areas of the Parish. The baskets will be found in the same locations as in previous years and will bloom throughout the summer months. They will be regularly watered and maintained by our contractor WindowFlowers, a local supplier of flowers displays, hanging baskets and street planters both locally and further afield and we are delighted to be working with them again this year.

Our Grounds Team continue to maintain high standards at our open spaces including our recreation grounds and nature reserves with the support of other contractors and volunteers. Our football pitches at our Recreation Grounds (which are available for hire) are in good condition and we often receive feedback from visiting football teams on the quality and standard of them.