Anti-Social Behaviour

Over the past few months, we have seen a steady rise in anti-social behaviour on the Iver and Iver Heath recreation grounds and criminal damage on Council property, such as extensive littering near the pavilion (including discarded drug paraphernalia).

Please throw away all rubbish in the bins provided, especially glass/plastic bottles as these can cause fires. Plastic bottles and glass objects have curves, this allows the bottles to act as a lens. When the sunlight hits it, it becomes concentrated and, if the rays are bounced onto something flammable (such as dry grass) a fire can start.

BBQs are strictly prohibited on our recreation grounds and all green spaces, we ask that you don’t discard cigarette butts on the grass area. Please extinguish cigarettes fully and dispose of them safely, especially when the grass is dry as this can also start fires on woodland and green areas. No equipment that uses naked flames, flammable gas or oil shall be brought onto the grounds.

We have found used BBQ trays discarded on Swan Meadows, this behaviour is clearly unacceptable and potentially dangerous to nearby residential properties. Residents are encouraged to report any witnessed vandalism by reporting to TVP using their online form, calling 101 for the non-urgent police line, or 999 in the case of emergencies such as fires or violent crime.