Cllr Wendy Matthews has today written to every Bucks Cabinet member about the recently released Air Quality Management Area research and resulting action plan.  We attach the documents below for you to see what you think.  Wendy has asked the Bucks cabinet to work with us on this plan – we all want to improve Air Quality in The Ivers.  This is what Wendy wrote:

Dear Councillor Tett


Air quality in this community is a very big concern; recent data provided by the residents association cited higher than average use of inhalers by school age children and we want to take action to reduce this terrible consequence of how we are governing our area.  The Ivers Parish Council is committed to working with Bucks Council to improve air quality and we welcome the AQMA work. 

Following the recent Community Board presentation we have concerns about the methodology used by the consultants who have undertaken the research and provided the reports.  We are writing to you to make you aware that there has been no engagement with the local stakeholders and there has also been no regard to local knowledge within the process.  We believe that this has created a deficit of relevant quantitative data that is used to identify feasible actions.

We attended the presentation and we have read the reports but we cannot identify where the action plan is going; most of the target dates included have already been missed.  The consultants confirmed that they were unable to differentiate between local and ‘passing through’ vehicle movements and we are detecting increasing levels of HGV movements through the Iver Village.

We would like to request, in line with our draft Parish Charter, that cabinet require the AQMA action plan to be returned for stakeholder involvement and particularly input from the Parish Council.

We want to do our best for our community.  Please would Bucks Council work with us on the AQMA.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Wendy Matthews, Chairman, The Ivers Parish Council