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Polish General Commemorated with New Headstone

On Sunday 12 and Monday 13 February 2023 ceremonies took place at the graves of Polish soldiers buried at South Ealing Cemetery in London and St Peter’s Burial Ground in Iver.

Since his death in 2008, aged 90, the resting place of General Mieczysław Sawicki has been marked with a simple wooden cross. People from the Polish community initiated the exchange of this cross for a more dignified form of commemoration and with the support of Polish social workers, working to commemorate the history of Poles in Great Britain, funded a new headstone.

The Institute of National Remembrance contacted The Ivers Parish Council, who have owned and maintained the Iver Burial Ground since January 2016, to organise the installation of the new memorial.  The Institute of National Remembrance supports the care of the graves of Polish heroes abroad and organised the dedication of the headstone of General Mieczysław Sawicki at St Peter’s Church, Iver.

The Institute of National Remembrance was represented by Adam Siwek, Director of the Office for Commemorating the Struggle and Martyrdom and the ceremony was also attended by members of the Polish Embassy, Polish Airmen’s Association and Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales.

General Mieczysław Sawicki was a member of the Polish Armed Forces and is reported to have received distinguished service awards for his wartime achievements.

For Polish Speakers, further details about the life of General Mieczysław Sawicki can be found in an Institute of National Remembrance press release at: