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Welcome to the The Ivers Parish Council website.

This site has been developed to give the residents of The Ivers greater access to their Parish Council.

We hope to regularly update these pages to communicate what the Parish Council wishes to achieve throughout the year and what progress is being made on any current projects or issues which have been raised.

Please bear with us whilst we get this new website up and running.

The Evreham Centre

Buckinghamshire Council has announced a feasibility and structure study of the Evreham Centre to ascertain the potential for development of a medical and community centre and housing. The site currently houses an adult learning building and council owned gym and Bucks states its intention to provide existing community services (youth centre, adult learning, nursery) in new, more efficient, bespoke spaces.

The Parish Council was not made aware of this work in advance of the information being released by Bucks Council which has now released a statement:

‘The leisure centre within the Evreham Centre forms part of the Council’s Leisure Facilities Strategy review which is currently in development to look at meeting the future needs of our residents and communities. Additionally the Council continually reviews its property portfolio as part of its property function.

No decisions have been taken with regard to this site and Council Officers will be working with the Local Councillors and will undertake community consultation on the brief and any potential use for the site. Proposals will need to take into account Planning constraints.’

This matter will be considered by the new Parish Council at the earliest opportunity.

Access to Information

Agendas and minutes of the Parish Council can be accessed by contacting the Parish Council Office.  We are aiming to load all agendas and minutes from 2020 -2021 on this new website and if you would like older documents please get in touch with us and we can e mail you the documents or provide you with hard copies.

We will use the News and Events column to keep you informed about local information and other items which we think are important for you to know however please bear with us as we get the website sorted. The column will also carry details about what’s happening in the Ivers and we encourage the organisers of events to let us know, using the contact form, so we can help you with publicity for your activities.

Who are we?

For a detailed list of all current members, please visit the councillors page.

What does The Ivers Parish Council Do?

• The Parish Council regularly meet to consider local issues and make decisions.
• Support and encourage ongoing community engagement and delivery of services
• Maintain and improve community assets
• Support the economic diversity and prosperity of the parish
• Review planning applications and make comment as appropriate